Typical Project Overview

Obtain your Access Codes - The first thing you need to do is get Access Codes from the SEC. Every corporate or individual must have a unique CIK code (identifies the filer), and the corresponding CCC code (for security). If you filed on Edgar before you'll have them already and we will use the same codes. If you're a first time filer and need to obtain codes, we can provide the simple form and instructions. Usually we access codes in a couple of days, but if at all possible you should order them at least two weeks in advance of your filing deadline just to be sure.



Deliver Your Document To Us -- Send us the document by E-mail, formatted in any of these formats, Word, Excel, WP, Adobe, RTF, TXT.

Be sure to include the following information:

    Company Name
    SEC Form Type
    CIK & CCC Codes
    Contact Information
    Request specific turnaround time for review and filing
    Date to be filed
    Email distribution List

    After receipt of your files, we will either call and/or E-mail you to confirm the service, price, and turnaroud time of your files. If you would like to contact us first for a quote or to make sure we can meet your deadlines, E-mail us or call us at (972)-963-0004.

    Access/Filing Codes -- E-mail or fax us your CCC and CIK filing codes. If you don't have one, we will file for your access codes (CIK AND CCC) from the SEC. Access codes are necessary to access the EDGAR database as a filer. You can also file for the necessary codes at the EDGAR filing site on your own.

    EDGARization of Your Filing -- Prospectus, registration statements, and other documents will be efficiently and accurately converted using our EDGAR conversion software. The document will receive an error check using SEC's EDGARlink software.

    Client Final Approval -- The "EDGARized" filings will be sent to you for final review and approval.

    Final Live Filing Confirmation -- Your EDGARized documents will be filed electronically with the SEC and a confirmation of acceptance (SEC date stamp) will be sent to you by E-mail, fax or mail.

    NOTE: Efficient scheduling is key to our process. Please notify us as soon as possible regarding ay upcoming work.